The main hard runway is orientated 30/12 and is 827m long. A parallel grass runway is available, however PPR is essential. Do not use the 23/05 grass runway as it is is currently unserviceable.
VGC no longer conducts gliding operations from Bembridge, however there are a number of resident power aircraft operating throughout the week. Also model flying can be active at any time of the day to the North side of the airfield, up to  500 feet agl.

Visiting aircraft are very welcome however prior Permission is required (PPR) for any aircraft to land at Bembridge Monday to Friday, or at times outside of the operating hours of Bembridge Radio.
PPR may be obtained by Email only and landing and take off will be at the discretion and risk of the visiting pilot.  An acknowledgement will not be made unless specifically asked for in the message.
Vectis Gliding Club Ltd provides an Air/Ground radio service on 123.255 (call sign "Bembridge Radio"). The Designated Operational Coverage (DOC) of this service is 10 NM and 3000 feet.
Radio Operating times are between the hours of 0930 and 1630 in Summer (BST) and 10.00 to 15.30 in Winter (GMT) on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. As a radio service will be provided during these times, PPR is not required.
The radio service is not normally provided outside of these hours, or on weekdays, unless a special arrangement has been made when requesting PPR.
Circuit height is 1000 feet AGL (for QNH Bembridge is 60 feet ASL).
The circuits at Bembridge are always to be conducted on the north side of the airfield and will therefore be 30 right or 12 left. Standard overhead joins may be undertaken at the discretion of the pilot, with the descent being on the south (dead) side over the sea. Blind calls on the airfield frequency 123.255 should be made outside the published operating hours.

Noise Abatement.
Departing aircraft are requested to avoid over flying Bembridge village at all times, particularly when climbing out on RW 12. We have a good relationship with our neighbours and we want to keep it that way.

Visiting aircraft should park on the North side of the runway, and walk cross to the south side to exit the airfield. Care should be taken when walking from the aircraft parking area; please stick to the marked pathway next to the hedge and keep a lookout for other aircraft.
Please do not walk across the runway!
Please do not park on the south side of the runway as this this would obstruct the active 30/12 grass strip.
If you want to use the grass strip to land, please ask for a call back when leaving your message for a briefing concerning itís condition and serviceability. After landing, please taxi to the North side and park with the other aircraft.

Booking in and Payment
Visiting pilots should make their way the Bembridge Radio Control Point ("C") on the south side of the main runway for payment of landing fees.
Please do not walk across the runway!
If outside the published operating hours or if the Control Point is closed, please fill in the pre-printed envelope and post in the VGC letter box located in the passageway to the right hand side of the 4 bladed prop on the wall of the Pub. During opening hours the Propeller Inn will also accept the landing fee.

No fuel is available at Bembridge

Sandown Airfield EGHN (freq 119.280MHz).
Sandown airfield is an active airfield situated 3 miles to the south west of Bembridge and visiting pilots should be aware that traffic departing Sandown RW 05, and traffic departing RW 30 at Bembridge are on a converging course. All pilots are therefore strongly advised to execute a turn to the north when departing Bembridge to minimise any potential risk.

Summary of services:
Open daily PPR by E-mail (24 hours notice if possible)
Weekends and Bank Holidays, air ground radio service provided - no PPR required.
Bembridge Radio Frequency:  123.255MHz
Bembridge Radio Frequency:  123.255
Yes We Are Open ! PPR By Email only.

Fixed Wing
Microlight now £8.00
2 Seats  £12.00
4 Seats  £18.00
6 Seats and Light Twins   £25.00

Overnight Parking     £ 5.00 per night max £30 per week.

Heavy Twins eg Islander.
or more than 6 Seats eg PC 12  £50.00

Overnight Parking    £10.00 per night max £60.00 per week.


2 Seats      £12.00
4 Seats      £18.00

Overnight Parking    £  5 per night max £30 per week.

More than 4 Seats    £25.00

Overnight Parking    £10 per night max £60.00 per week.

Touch and go.    £5.00
Cash or Cheque only at present.
Please make cheques payable to Bembridge Airport Limited.
Online Gar
The GAR form  should be Emailed in preference to faxed to UK Border Agency on
Fax No. +44(0)8702403738 
If using the word version, Or xls version emailed to

If you have been asked to send them to Hampshire Police, please continue to this also.